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2015Acura TLXCall6Graphite Luster MetallicMotor World
 2015Acura TLXCall7Slate Silver MetallicMotor World
 2015Acura TLXCall6Bellanova White PearlMotor World
 2015Acura TLXCall4Graphite Luster MetallicMotor World
2012Chrysler 300$22,99913,928Bright WhiteMotor World
2012Mercedes-Benz C-Class$27,99925,107Diamond White MetallicMotor World
2012Mercedes-Benz C-Class$31,99925,561Iridium Silver MetallicMotor World
 2015Acura TLX$32,3659Slate Silver MetallicMotor World
2015Acura TLX$32,36522Bellanova White PearlMotor World
2015Acura TLX$32,3659BlackMotor World